Ben T Davis Beach in Tampa, Fl

Ben T Davis Beach is a beautiful beach located in Tampa, Florida. The sand is white, and the water is clear. It has been recognized as one of the best beaches in Tampa Bay for families to enjoy all year long. Ben T Davis Beach was established after WWII by Joseph B. Davis. The latter donated it to Hillsborough County with stipulations to be used as a public park and recreation area. Located on the western coast of Tampa Bay, this beach is a favorite amongst locals. The white sand and warm waters are great for swimming, surfing, or relaxing under an umbrella with some snacks from local restaurants. Learn information about Tampa, FL.

This spot has something to offer everyone. This beach is known for its wide trails and calm waters. Unlike most Florida beaches, this one doesn’t have a lot of rocks in the water. The sand at Ben T Davis Beach is white and soft, but it’s also very firm. Because of that, there are no shells or sharp pieces on the ground here either! Lifeguards are stationed around to help ensure your safety during all daylight hours when you visit Ben T Davis Beach. White sands are not covered with shells or other debris. Lifeguards are available from open until close after dark days only, though. Discover facts about Cypress Point Park in Tampa, FL.