Do you know why receiving traffic to your webpage is integral? Well, it’s not really about the traffic.

Visitors who go to your business website matter because alongside them come interested leads who may be willing and are ready to buy what you are offering on the spot.

There’s no business owner with a smidgen of ambition who isn’t looking to grow their business in one way or another.

One such strategy you can use for growing your business by 200%, 500%, or 1000% is using local SEO traffic to increase the traffic experienced in your website; this single action will send more clients, leads, and sales towards your business model.

Because when it really comes down to it, advertising is always the same: The more you are visible to your prospects, the higher your chances of making a decent profit and turnaround.

And that’s how it always works regardless of whether you are selling eCommerce products, services, or the owner of a flower shop where clients can only visit or call your store if they want to buy.

When you manage to draw thousands of web users to your site, then you’ll consequently be adding thousands of bucks in your bank account. The formula and math are pretty straightforward here.

And this is the exact tactic we used for this particular Cincinnati chiropractor who we assisted drive views from 0 to their 1,0000s in just three months,

Here’s a case study showing exactly how we did it from start to finish, and we how we at Scott Keever SEO can implement the same for your business.

1. Designed A Sales-Focused Website

First of all, there is no point in sending thousands of web visitors to a site with a poor design since it won’t make a positive first impression. The Internet these days is cruel and unforgiving since that single mistake can prove to be the breaking point of your business. When visitors have a bad impression of your site, they will leave never to come back again. Your landing page will need to have the tools of convincing them to submit a form, call, or subscribe to an email list

Your website will have to be created to be sales-oriented if you are to convert the traffic being received into actual paying customers. We have specialists skilled in the art of website design and are sure to build a system that does exactly that. Otherwise you will be spinning in circles and desperately trying to attract web traffic, that will give little to no business yield. What a wild goose chase

There’s no greater feeling than your site making you money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as your business grows. So how exactly did we help the chiropractor, and can your business be done the same? Well, it just takes a basic understanding of the factors that help in increasing conversions. We will ensure that your website satisfies the following factors to ascertain conversions:

*Clean and simple overall appearance

*Headings clearly indicate your business and what it is that you do

*Compelling button placement and call-to-action text

*Trustworthy and credible support information

*Short Contact forms for leads to fill in their information and schedule an appointment

In this case, if a lead has a problem with their neck or back and is looking for a solution, chances are they more inclined to go with this chiropractor given how convenient and easy to use the site is.

2. Identified Profitable Keywords

Ever wondered why Cincinnati businesses using local SEO rank high on Google and their stores always crowded with new clients? Well, it’s because these websites have been optimized with keywords targeting audience searches. Google recognizes the searched keywords on its servers and ranks the pages for said keyword. Google’s job is basically showing the sites matching the keyword phrase searched by the web user.

When it comes to any SEO campaign, keywords are in the thick of things and will be what proves to be the difference between high traffic and no traffic. The shrewd business owner will find keywords frequently searched for by customers looking to find a business like yours, then edit the paragraph text and heading on the website to match the said keyword.

However, research for competitive keywords is a time-consuming, highly competitive, and never-ending endeavor. And in case you just starting, good luck ranking one word and national keywords. It will take you around three to five years or so before you start getting any traffic. SEO can only take you so far.

Instead, consider local SEO, where you will be ranked on the first pages of Google using strategic keywords with the names of your town or city in the keyword. For instance, the chances of your website ranking high on Google for the word ‘BBQ restaurant’ are minute. In case your building is in Mason, Ohio, your chances of ranking high using the keyword ‘Mason BBQ restaurant’ significantly improve.

Unless you run an eCommerce business, it doesn’t benefit your business if somebody across the searches and finds your local business. Let’s say they live in Texas; you can be sure that S/he won’t drive to the little town of Mason, Ohio, just to bite your BBQ – that’s absurd.

We enacted this exact strategy in our case study as we targeted keywords such as ‘Cincinnati chiropractor,’ which positioned his business in front of individuals who had aching bodies.

For a business not selling products alone, tt won’t help your bottom line or the business in general if the lead is gotten from the other side of the country. That’s why local SEO puts you in front of the target group that is easily accessible to you and your business.

3. High-Quality Content

Solid content is the bread and butter of any marketing strategy. Nothing will see traffic move than this oxygen for local SEO, which includes this case study.

For any online campaign, content is key. Lots of content and relevant quality content can help drive traffic to your business website. The content can be in any form on your site, either a video, recorded audio podcast, or written blog post. It doesn’t really matter as long as there’s content displayed on your webpage. You should bear in mind that just any material won’t do, whatever is being posted on your site needs to be meaningful if you are to connect with a local prospect.

The content shown on your website should be either to entertain, educate, or excite your audience to have them coming back for more. Make sure to steer clear of potential business blogging pitfalls if you are to succeed. For instance, if you are selling a complicated product or service, do an explainer piece or tutorial walking people through how to set up and use the product you are providing

In the case of our chiropractor, our in-house writers published two 1,000 word articles every week. The titles of the blog posts encapsulate topics such as ‘The Number One Solution For Neck Pain Relief’ and Is Chiropractic Care Safe?

Since the patients who would be coming in for appointments would have to be residing around 10 miles or less from the office, it didn’t matter whether we used global or national exposure. We used Cincinnati local SEO techniques in the content we posted to rank our chiropractor’s business site on search engines and, consequently, get the information in front of persons living within a 15-mile radius of the office.

The blogs we posted educated the community, and at the end of each post, we included a call-to-action for the reader to book an appointment with this chiropractor. It’s a perfect example of providing 99% value and requesting for a sale at the very end.

To ramp up some goodwill for their brand, we did a post promoting other non-competing businesses around the area. In turn, the businesses shared the post and linked it back, which expounded the reach of the post(s). One certainty about local SEO is that high-quality content will always drive content to your site no matter what.

4. Utilized Internal Linking

Linking one page of the Internet top another is a significant boost in terms of SEO juice for the page getting that link. This is exactly why linking externally is so important to help Google rank you’re your webpages higher. But at the same time, receiving a few external links is challenging to come by. It will take some serious patience and effort to get a single or multiple links this way.

Fortunately, internal linking is another solution to consider. This refers to pages that link from a post or page of your site to another page or post of the same site. This action can ultimately prove to be the difference in your website traffic and SEO goals.

For this chiropractor, we chose the focus pages as the Chiropractic Service Page and homepage. For most of the posts we wrote on his website, we linked it back to these pages, which ultimately aided their individual SEO score.

Tip: Your main landing pages shouldn’t be linked to random words. Instead, consider going for keywords discovered in the step mentioned above to link the keyword back to the main landing page to rank high on Google.

For instance, to rank our very own local SEO services, I linked those keywords to tip-off Google as to what the page was about. That simple action will enable our local SEO page to get indexed higher instead of linking the words to ‘services’ or ‘click here’ buttons.

What’s more, don’t attempt to game the system by linking each page or post of the website to the main landing page. Google will flag this, and you will be bumped down the rankings because of this dodgy move.

Insert the internal links to your main landing pages naturally and see your search engine traffic grow consistently.

In the caser of this chiropractor, we made an email list push, review cards, and used word-of-mouth efforts to get reviews from Facebook and Google. We tried everything perceivable to rake in as many reviews as possible, to highlight the importance of the local business.

And you guessed it! With time, we started seeing more and more visitors getting referred from some of these listings and Google Maps. This is precisely what happens when local business advertising is done correctly. Reviews will draw in customers and translating to increased profits. And if you get lucky, these online reviews can be the foundation of your advertising for years to come.

5. Collected Online Reviews

These days, word of mouth comes in the form of online reviews on listings such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook.

Back in the day, people would have to congregate at the local diner or on their porch and talk with friends and neighbors about a local business and the quality of service. That was the only way to know whether a particular business was a ripoff or money well spent.

In today’s modern settings, prospects check business listings such as Google My Business to get a feel of the business before sinking their money in service or product. Using listings such as these, customers will review your customer feedback and reviews, leaving the comfort of their home. In most cases, the decision to buy will be made right there and then. If you have positive online reviews, you place yourself in a better position of winning the client over to your side.

If you have a negative or low rating, your business won’t be given the time of day. You have already lost any prospect and their money for good. Just close up shop. Don’t believe it? Look at this: 80% of clients value online reviews with the same magnitude as personal recommendations from family and friends. That is almost 8 from 10 people – how insane is that!

Use Cincinnati Local SEO To Drive In More Clients

And just like in the case study of the Cincinnati chiropractor, where we ranked his business in a matter of months via local SEO, we can also do the same for your business. The online business world is of a cut-throat nature where the survival of your business depends on the actions and strategies we employ. So you’ll want to start ranking with profitable keywords if you’re going to ramp up on the traffic to your business.

Why choose us

–Proven Results. We have assisted multiple businesses across various fields rank high on Google, with our results evident. Once we take on your local SEO campaign, we can increase web traffic to your site by 200% or double our client’s visibility on SERPs. We have more than 100 sites ranked on Google’s first page.

–No commitment. Our contracts are based on a month-to-month basis. If you are not happy with the results, you can terminate the project at will. But we can assure it won’t come to this given how we take in our exemplary services.

–Experience. We are an experienced digital agency with over 20 years of experience when it comes to SEO. We have been around long enough to knwo the dos and don’t.

But instead of having to deal with the hassle of always being on top of your local SEO, why not let the pros at Scott Keever SEO who eat ads and main pages for lunch and breakfast take care of everything for you and begin enjoying top-notch results. Call us today at (813)-455-1455 to get a free-of-charge consultation.