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Best Cincinnati Video Production Company

Do you wish you could be watching a video right now? Well, you are in good company. A majority of customers would prefer watching a video about a particular product instead of reading about it. Scott Keever SEO’s Cincinnati video production team can assist you in delivering the content your customers need.

Undoubtedly, when you tell better stories using videos, more customers will often respond positively. Message-Based videos from Scott Keever SEO can help in converting customers and, ultimately, increasing engagement with your brand. In general, our Cincinnati Video Production team can produce compelling videos for all types of industries. Some examples include:

  • Product explanation videos
  • Customer success story videos
  • Facility tour videos to reduce anxiety
  • New product launch videos that can be appealing to your customers
  • Building your brand with national commercials
  • Education and public service videos
  • Animated videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Fundraising videos that aid your mission
  • Company culture and mission videos
  • Destination videos to encourage travelers

Significance of Videos

Videos can help in converting customers and increasing engagement with your brand. Undoubtedly, a video is an effective way to convey meaning and emotions that customers won’t soon forget. Statistics show that if an image is combined with the necessary information, around 65% of people will still remember the information a few days later.

Our customers have found this to be entirely accurate, and have had great success when it comes to social media advertising on YouTube and Facebook. The reason behind this is that video enables you to convey information that engages with customers quickly.

Scott and team are certified in Google Adwords and Analytics and has 25+ years of combined experience serving the Miami area with high-quality marketing that provides real, lasting results. Scott takes pride in developing relationships with his clients and helping them with their latest projects in a powerful way. Scott pours his passion for search engine optimization into every project and client. His mission is to help provide the services that will take your project to the next level by optimizing the way you use SEO to drive business to your site and increase conversions, putting you at the top of your niche on the web.

Tips for Successful Marketing Videos

As a general rule, you have 5-7 seconds to attract people into your video then effectively begin the story of your business, or they’ll certainly turn it off. Therefore, you should begin with the best mix of compelling visuals, sound, and copy.

Our Video Production Strategy

Planning. With a powerful story, you have the fabric that brings together viewers and your brand. Fortunately, we’ll work with you side by side to come up with a story that excites your audience and suits your brand values. Generally, the process entails storyboarding, scriptwriting, and visual tone.

Filming. Typically, professional videographers will appear on-site, prepare, and eventually record scripted shots, documentary, or live-action.

Post-production. After filming and editing the footage using our after effect programs, we will upload it. At this stage, we’ll include text, sound, and on-screen visuals. Optimizing and exporting the video will be the last step so that the final product can be shared and marketed.

Our Services

Although our primary focus in Cincinnati SEO campaigns, here’s a summary of the services you should expect with Scott Keever’s video production:

– Customer testimonials
– Creative brainstorming
– Talented actors
– Message-based scripting
– Professional voice-over talent
– Commercials
– Video advertising
– How-to videos
– Post-production editing
– Product demonstrations
– Videography


What can we offer you?

Generally speaking, there are various genres of videos. Yous should expect any of the following from us:

– Informational videos. We can assist you in creating a video that’s used to provide information regarding your business directly. It is great to have a video that introduces your company to the homepage of your website.

– Persuasive videos. When it comes to winning over prospective buyers, customer testimonials are vital. People often trust when others narrate about their positive encounters with your business. Ultimately, you will get more conversions.

– Entertainment videos. A majority of users, particularly on social media, prefer to watch videos that entertain them. You can subtly promote to your audience while, at the same time, developing a compelling story that your viewers want to watch.

– Announcement videos. If launching a new product is what you are planning, consider using a video instead. By using a video, you can effectively share the new product and create excitement for its arrival.

Do users really enjoy videos?

Undoubtedly, users do love watching videos. According to statistics, 54% of consumers would like to view more video content from the various brands they love. Let’s explore this for a second: some of the fantastic videos you’ve ever seen are from recognized brands. It is because of these brands that video marketing has increased in demand. It has come a time that you need to include videos in your specific content strategy.

Are videos that effective?

Yes. That’s the simple answer. Research shows that viewers spend around 88% more time on a specific website if it contains videos. And what makes videos much more effective compared to text? Videos often appeal to the user’s emotions; hence, a more personalized connection is created between your brand and the viewer. But if someone remembers how a particular video made them feel, they won’t forget the brand that appealed to them.

Besides, videos are an easy way to convey a lot of information without mind-blowing the user. If a viewer watches a certain video, they’re often listening to the information. That means that they never actually notice how much they are actually learning regarding your brand.

How do you make a successful video?

You might think that using your iPhone to shoot a video and then upload it will magically give you lots of quality leads. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. There are several key factors to creating videos that determine if it will be successful or not.

As aforementioned, you have around 5-7 seconds to capture the viewer’s mind and make them continue watching. Since this is not a lot of time, you’ll need to include an attention-grabbing introduction. For starters, professional shooting and editing are essential for your video. And this is where Scott Keever SEO can come in and help. Nobody likes to watch a video that has minimal effort put into it.

If you want a compelling video, you need a clear emphasis on the specific message you need to portray. Keep off from any additional information that doesn’t contribute to the story. Distractions are ever-so-expensive. By clearly explaining to viewers what the issue is and how you’re going to fix it, you will attract more and more viewers. In the long run, people prefer to invest in those brands that are going to provide them with serious value.

Lastly, your video shouldn’t have complete silence. Having some soothing music in-between transitions can help in encouraging users to keep watching. As you can see, there’s a lot that’s involved with video production. That is why we are always here to help you in creating the best video.

Rely on Scott Keever SEO for different video production needs

We work with budgets from $1,500+ and up, from relatively small explainer videos to large commercial productions. We could either handle the scripting, creative brainstorming, and producer’s part on small projects or work with our professional production teams when it comes to large-scale projects. Our video production team always relies on what works best for your particular business.

As useful as video can be, we can’t try to sell you one before knowing your narrative and deciding whether it’s an excellent idea for your project. We could start small and evaluate the receptivity and feedback to determine whether it’s worth putting more time and effort into video marketing.

Scott Keever SEO has gained many years of experience working in the digital marketing space and knows how to achieve successful results. Since we are based locally, we do understand your customers as well as how to achieve meaningful results. Increase your profits soon by hiring our professional services. Request a free consultation. We will surely get back to you today!