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Benefits Of Living In Downtown Cincinnati

Cincinnati SEO services is located in downtown. Cincinnati is a wonderful city to live it. It boasts relatively low crime rates considering the population, affordable housing costs and there are countless things to see and do during your spare time. If you are one that likes to explore then this is definitely a place that you want to consider as your new home.

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to what they enjoy doing in their free time. There are a number activities in downtown Cincinnati that are just an absolute must regardless of what you think you might enjoy. These attractions are sought out by visitors from around the world for their beauty, history and educational opportunities. There are even any career opportunities with many of of the top Cincinnati companies.

One of the most popular attractions in the downtown area is the Carew Tower Observation Deck. It was built in 1930 and gives visitors the ability to view the city from 49 stories into the sky. In addition to the observation deck there are stores, dining and a souvenir shop where you can purchase items to send your family and friends at home. The cost is extremely low so even if you are on a tight budget you can enjoy the view guilt free. This attraction can be found in the heart of downtown on Vine Street.

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Cincinnati History

If you enjoy history and being given a guided tour then you should certainly look into American Legacy Tours. They have a number of tour options that take you through the downtown area as well as into Kentucky. The tours cover a range of themes including the history of distilleries and an ultimate gangster tour. Some tours are walking tours while others provide transportation. It is best to plan ahead for these tours as they are in high demand and require reservations.

A rather unique option in the city is the Cincinnati Fire Museum. Cincinnati is known for being the first city to hire a professional fire fighting crew in 1853 to protect building and citizens from the horrific effects that uncontrolled fires could bring. Thanks to this legacy they have contributed a great deal to the firefighting profession through their experience. This museum celebrates that legacy and gives a glimpse into the changes that they helped to develop over the years.

Cincinnati Opera is a Must See

Whether you are a huge fan of opera or not, the Cincinnati Opera is definitely worth a visit. It is the second oldest opera in the country, having been founded in 1920. They host world renowned stars and performances in conjunction with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Keep an eye on the performances they host so that you can find one that might perk your interest. Who knows, you may actually be a fan afterall.

Having opened rather recently, the Brewing Heritage Trail Tours is another must see. It is located in the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood where a great deal of pre-prohibition architecture can be found. The city has a long history of brewing that eventually was forced underground. The tours are held year round, giving visitors almost unlimited access to recesses that are not typically offered for public viewing. If you download their app you can get even more from the experience with additional stories and tips for what to look for.

Rookwood Pottery Showroom

The Rookwood Pottery Showroom is another attraction that gives a glimpse into the past. The building was built in 1880 and has house thousands of varieties of potteries. They offer a guided tour every Wednesday and are willing to set up tours for larger groups at other times.

If you consider yourself a foodie or simply enjoy getting to know what your options in the area are then the Flavors of Queen City tour is something that you must check out. During the tour you will be guided through the downtown district from restaurant to restaurant and given the opportunity to taste test each location. You will enjoy some of the city’s most prized dishes included their Cincinnati chili, which is world famous for good reason. This tour will definitely leave you wanting more and by living in the area you will be able to have just that.

St. Peter in Chains Cathedral

Last, but not least, is St. Peter in Chains Cathedral. It was built starting in 1841 and took almost a year and a half to complete. It was ordered by be built by then bishop John Baptist Purcell who later became archbishop. It is now the location of Cincinnati’s Roman Catholic Archdiocese. Inside you will find ornate trim, amazing works of art and massive bronze doors. It is certainly a work of art inside the city. Whether or not you participate in religion, the history inside of the walls and the architecture will leave you mesmerized. The architecture was prized in its day and was the tallest building in the city when it was built. You can find it downtown by Plum Street and 8th.

Come Visit Cincinnati Ohio

Cincinnati is a medium sized city with big city charm. There are countless things that you can enjoy throughout the year and the living is affordable and safe. If you are looking for a place to make your new home then this one is certainly worth exploring further. There has recently been a growth in employment, yet the cost of living has stabilized. Don’t forget to visit one of our favorite restaurants Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse It is at least worth visiting so that you can get a taste of what you could expect when living in the beautiful downtown Cincinnati area.

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