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At Scott Keever SEO we offer Internet Marketing Services, Website Design, and Advertising Services for all types of businesses in the Akron area. Let us help your business get the online exposure it needs to succeed.




Grow Customers

Let us help you drive more customers to your website. More customers means more revenue to your business.


Increase Exposure With Our Marketing Services

Give your business the boost it needs to be seen by new clients. You have customers looking for you, let us help them find you


Increase Revenue

Help your companies revenue grow by attracting new customers and ranking over your competition. Let us help!


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Let us help you drive more customers to your website. More customers means more revenue to your business.


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Give your business the boost it needs to be seen by new clients. You have customers looking for you, let us help them find you


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Help your companies revenue grow by attracting new customers and ranking over your competition. Let us help!

Our Results-driven Approach

Scott Keever SEO provides Google approved methods to increase your rankings and online visibility. Our performance speaks for itself, let us help your clients find you the same way you found us.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Marketing Company Website Even If You’re Not an SEO Expert

Are you making enough sales to get by but not getting the volume of business you’re looking for? Would you like to boost your online presence but don’t know where to start? When you feel like you’ve hit a wall in business, it can be hard to see the best way forward.You know your business, and you know your customers. You’re confident that you can close the deal if you can simply get more people contacting you. All you really need is enough new leads to make those critical sales. And the best way to get those leads is by appearing on page 1 of the Google search results when people are looking for your services online.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Your Digital Marketing

It’s important to know who you’re working with when hiring a digital marketing expert. With a background in sales, advertising, and retail management, Scott has been helping business owners get more pre-qualified leads through their websites since 2011. Today, Scott runs a successful internet marketing firm with offices in Akron, Miami and Tampa. Using safe and proven SEO techniques, the team will drive relevant visitors to your website – bringing you more customer inquiries by making sure your web pages rank higher in searches. This way internet searches find your website before a competitor’s site.

Our Top-Ranking Akron Marketing Services

As one of the leading marketing companies in Akron, our experts at Scott Keever SEO pride ourselves on helping local businesses thrive both online and in-store.

Using the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO)) trends, we help businesses boost their search engine ranking—making it easier for customers to discover their brand.

By boosting our client’s online visibility we are able to put their businesses at the fingertips of their consumers. Our research-driven process takes into account the ever-change algorithms of top search engines, like Google, to keep your website on the cutting edge.

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Top-Ranking SEO
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Our Services

Unlike many other marketing agencies in Akron, we specialize specifically in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) putting internet marketing at the core of each of our campaigns.

Our dedicated agents are able to stay on top of the latest changes to the industry, to provide the services needed in the modern market. Our mission is simple: to increase your website’s visibility to drive more traffic and generate new leads.

Our comprehensive SEO services can help your business:

  • Improve online brand presence
  • Engage your local audience, as well as consumers across the globe
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Drive more online sales or in-store visits
  • Increase your search ranking
  • Boost credibility
  • And more!

With our all-inclusive services, you’ll never have to worry about falling into a pay-per-click scam. Instead, you can easily manage your marketing costs through our SEO campaigns.

Working directly with our Akron marketing consultant team, we can help you increase organic traffic to your website by sending relevant visitors to your brand. Whether you’re targeting Akron locals, consumers in Ohio, or consumers across the globe, we can help you reach the niche audience you’re aiming for.

Who We Partner With

Thanks to our proven results at Scott Keever SEO, our services attract high demand. This allows us to only partner with Akron brands that we feel will most benefit from our marketing campaigns. Through our selective partnership process, we ensure that we only partner with legitimate companies that are selling legitimate products/services. We love building long-lasting relationships with clients—which is why we only partner with brands that we truly believe in.

Capitalize on Your Business’s Most Powerful Touchpoint with SEO

In a market that is tumbling full-speed towards everything digital, securing your website’s online visibility is key. Studies show that an increasing proportion of consumers are turning to the web to discover and engage with businesses, making it one of the most powerful tools for companies to reach their target audience.

While many other forms of marketing aim to push a message under the eyes of consumers, the web turns the tables—offering a place where your target audience is already searching for businesses just like yours.

Whether you own an international e-commerce site or a local Akron bakery, internet marketing is essential to remaining competitive. In fact, your website can be the most powerful touchpoint for your brand, making it easy for new clients to discover your business, and old clients to engage with it again and again.

However, simply having a website isn’t enough if it’s drowning in a sea of search results. That’s where SEO comes in. Using the latest industry trends, a successful SEO campaign can keep your business afloat when consumers are surfing the web for your brand.

Still not convinced? Read on for some of the top benefits that our Akron SEO services can achieve for your company.


Increase Visibility

Here’s a fact for you: Three-quarters of users will never scroll past the first page of a search engine result.

At Scott Keever SEO, we don’t want your website to get buried under its competitors. Using a combination of SEO strategies, like proper keyword usage and link building, our Akron marketing agency can help boost your website’s search engine ranking—thereby increasing its visibility to your target audience.

While paper advertisements can only go so far by reaching a regional audience, SEO can expand your visibility on a macro scale.

Capture Your Target Audience

One of the greatest things about the web is that it is really easy to hone in on your target audience with the right tools. Using SEO, we can help optimize your website with search-relevant keywords that can attract your target audience to your brand.

Unlike other forms of marketing, SEO allows you to place your brand at the fingertips of consumers who are already in the market for your products/services.

For example, if you own a Naples restaurant, we can integrate niche-relevant keywords that are likely to rank in a Google search like “top restaurants in Akron.” Or, for a Akron marketing agency, we could integrate “best marketing agencies in Akron.” Through these methods, you will find that SEO is one of the most efficient targeting strategies.

Drive More Traffic to Your Site

Studies show that over 60% of clicks go to the top three results in a web search—proving yet again the importance of boosting your search ranking. At Scott Keever SEO, we pride ourselves on our ability to drive more organic traffic to our client’s websites by sending relevant visitors their way.

Generate New Leads

Last but not least, the value of SEO is evident in the numbers. By helping our clients increase their search ranking, and therefore online visibility, we have helped countless businesses engage their target audience to generate new leads. SEO is all about making your business more discoverable—driving online traffic to your site, and foot traffic to your store.

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As one of the top-ranking SEO companies in Akron, we look forward to partnering with you on your internet marketing needs! We love working with local businesses to boost their online visibility and stimulate the local economy.

If you’re looking for an experienced Akron marketing consultant, contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more about how SEO can put your business just a click away from generating new leads.


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To sign up for a free consultation, simply go to the application page and fill in your details. There’s no obligation but there is an incredible opportunity to see what we can do for you.

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