Typing out your question isn’t the only way to search for information online. With Google voice search, you can say what you’re looking for online. In recent years, voice search has seen an explosion of popularity. It can be hard to type out what you’re looking for on a mobile device, especially when you’re on the go. Voice search is an easy way to find exactly what you’re looking for. Both Google and SEO agencies have given increased attention to voice search technology.

The majority of modern smartphones are able to recognize voice commands. These features are convenient and easier to use than ever, which is why more people are just speaking up using their own voice when they want to search for something.

As you read on, you’ll learn more about the importance of Google voice search and what differentiates it from queries that are typed out. Every site should take steps to ensure that content is fully optimized for both typed and voice searches.

What’s Voice Search and How Does It Work?

Over the years, search engines like Google have been striving to improve the accuracy of voice search technology. Google regularly adjusts its search algorithms to improve its understanding of user intent. This allows the search engine to provide more accurate results.

With a smartphone, it’s easy to utilize voice search technology. In most cases, you simply need to press a button to enable the microphone function and enter what you want to search for. In some cases, you can enable this functionality by using a specific phrase. For example, on Apple devices, you can ask questions by talking to Siri.

To ensure that the search engine is able to correctly interpret what you are saying, you’ll need to make sure you speak slowly and clearly. Speak up and make a point of enunciating all of your words.

In the early days of voice searches, users often had to repeat search queries or change the way they spoke so that the search engine could understand what they are trying to say. Now, however, voice search tends to be quite accurate when you speak loudly and clearly.

It’s a way to take access the information that Google provides without having to use your hands. With voice search, you don’t need to have your hands free to look up something on Google. You can just say what you’re looking for.

What Makes Voice Searches Different From Typed Searches?

While it’s possible to use the same search terms for voice search and typed searches, people usually phrase their voice searches differently. When people are typing out the phrases they’re searching for, they generally use as few words as possible. In contrast, when people are utilizing voice search, they tend to speak in complete sentences.

If you were in Cincinnati, Ohio, and you were looking for a gas station, you might choose terms like “gas station Cincinnati” or “Cincinnati gas” for text searches. If you used voice search, however, you might phrase things differently. For example, you could ask “Where is there a gas station near me?” or “Where can I get cheap gas in Cincinnati?”

It’s important to remember that mobile devices like smartphones are capable of tracking your location. When you ask a question via voice search, Google can determine exactly where you are. This means that it can give you directions to a facility that’s close to where you are. While location tracking can also play a role in typed searches, it can be essential to voice searches.

It’s common for people to use voice search when they’re in the car or away from home. With voice search, it’s possible to get precise directions to a location without using your hands. You won’t need to pull over if you have a question or need information while you’re driving. You can ask a question without ever taking your hands off the wheel.

Will My Search Rankings Improve With Google Voice Search Optimization?

Optimizing for voice search can increase your organic content and improve your search engine rankings. Although you should continue to target keywords that are commonly used for typed searches, you should also consider how someone using voice search might look for information. You should aim to use both types of keywords on your site.

If you’re able to include a variety of keywords that are worded in a natural way, it’s far more likely that you’ll appear near the top of Google’s rankings for both voices and typed searches. This can make it easier for people to discover your site and access your content. If your site includes longer content, a single piece of content could rank for more than one hundred different keywords.

Does Voice Search Optimization Require Professional Services?

It’s possible to optimize your site for voice search without the use of SEO professionals. With that said, there are clear benefits to working with a company that specializes in SEO. When you work with experienced professionals, you can create a detailed content marketing plan that will greatly increase the amount of search traffic your site receives.

Not only can professionals optimize your text-based content, but your video content can be optimized as well. YouTube, the world’s largest online video platform, is owned by Google.

By working with SEO professionals, you’ll be able to create brand-new content that’s optimized for voice searches and update your existing content as well. You’ll be able to get more value out of all of the content that’s currently on your site.

In Conclusion

Voice search is already incredibly popular, and it’s poised to see even more growth in the future. If your site isn’t voice search optimized, you could lose out on valuable traffic, which means you could also lose out on leads, sales, and future income.

Now is the ideal time to pay attention to voice searches. If you want to ensure that you’re on the first page of results from some of the most frequently-searched terms in your niche, you’ll want to use keywords that are targeted towards both voices and typed searches.

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