SEO Tutorials For Beginners

SEO Tutorials For Beginners - Finding Your Feet

SEO Tutorials For Beginners

When you discover the world of search engine optimization, the first word that comes to mind is “overwhelming”. That’s because it can be very intimidating, especially when you don’t have a clue where to start. But luckily, there are SEO tutorials for beginners that you can utilize, much like the tutorial you are about to read.

However, what you are about to learn should just be considered as stepping stones. And the ultimate purpose is to enlighten you on what search engine optimization really is. At the same time, the information will help you to find your feet in this overwhelming section of the internet.

So, in no specific order, here are some starting points you can use.

Get To Know The Platform

In addition to your website, you also need to focus on the search engines. These are the platforms you’ll use to reach all that organic traffic, but you can’t do it if you don’t know what they are looking for.

Keeping it simple and basic for now, search engines use algorithms to scan and index websites. These algorithms are programmed to look for certain things (which are discussed a little later). The websites with the most relevance to the search term are then placed at the top of the results page, providing the necessary exposure you are looking for.

Once you learn more about algorithms, you have to stay up to date with the changes that are bound to come. Why exactly? As search engines become acuter to user habits, their methods for finding the best sites are tweaked. These tweaks can possibly change what they are looking for, as well as influence the importance of certain strategies.

You have to make these changes to your website if you want it to stay competitive and visible to search engines.

Keep Your Bounce Rate Low

With user-engagement (the time users spend on a site) at the top of the list for search engine priorities, it is critical to keep your bounce rate as low as possible. When you have a high bounce rate, it means users don’t stay very long or they quickly leave right after landing.

This hurts the ranking of the website because search engines start to think it is misleading, and they will quickly let it slip down to the back of the list. This is also why you should be specific about the traffic you target. Getting traffic from sources connected to spam will only do more damage.

Your best bet is to deliver a good site that will keep people engaged and occupied. More specifically, you want them to hang around all day long and more.

Post Engaging Content With Strong Keywords

One of the ways you can boost user engagement is to post content that will interest them. If the articles you put up can make users feel like they are learning something new, or the article is entertaining, they might stick around for another article.

At the same time, using relevant keywords are crucial. Keywords are the tools you’ll be using to reach users through search engines, and if your keywords don’t match the content you are posting, don’t expect anything good to come from it.

Using Off-Site Strategies To Gain Visibility

Not all the tactics at your disposal are going to be based on-site. For example, you can invest in link building. It is very popular among internet marketers, especially when they want to gain authority for their sites.

Link building consists of getting your link onto a site within the same niche. However, you want the site to rank relatively high and to have authority. If this is the case, search engines are going to take notice of the link, as well as the traffic you’ll be sharing with the site.

The rules for link building has changed, but it is still very effective. Just don’t go against the rules search engines have and your links should help to boost visibility quicker than you think.

Social Media

Another indirect way to get better rankings will be through social media platforms. But you can also use them to promote articles from the site.

Website Design

A very important part of a good SEO campaign is the design aspects. For example, making sure the loading speed is fast and smooth has to be the main priority. Users don’t like waiting for pages to load, no matter how badly they want to find something.

You also want to maintain a good balance between presentation and functionality. The more distractions you add the fewer users are going to engage the site, which is not a good sign.

Now, take this information and let it sink in. In fact, why don’t you try some of them and get a feeling for what SEO is all about?

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