Understanding LSI Keywords

Guide To Understanding LSI Keywords

In order to identify and understand an LSI keyword, it is important to also understand what LSI is and can do as a search engine optimization (SEO) tool.
LSI, also known as Latent Semantic Indexing, is basically a mathematical methodology used to improve the accuracy of information and data retrieval. LSI was developed in the 1980s and the basic logic behind LSI is known as singular value decomposition useful for statistics and signal processing.
Understanding LSI Keywords

A User's Picture Of LSI

To create a clearer picture of LSI in use, a computer user seeks information using a search engine. Search engines are algorithm based to search, sort and retrieve information requested.
LSI quantifies these searches by breaking down search values placed within the search query. When you think of LSI, think of the millions of possible responses to a search request and the logic used to present the most accurate data retrieval.
LSI contextualizes the user’s choice of words in the search and identifies synonymous words that otherwise could be misconstrued by a search engine’s algorithm. This is point where keywords in LSI play a significant role.

Keywords In LSI

All text invariably contains keywords. Users may not always focus on them when using text in searche queries. Search engine browsers need additional assistance to further define the precise nature of the user’s choice of words in their search query.
An example of words that can often be confused in a search “string” are “ice cream.” LSI contextualizes the search string containing the words “ice cream” rather than separating these two words to produce a search for “ice” and a search for “cream.”
Thus LSI keywords can be easily identified by a user as two or more words used in a search string that are found together frequently.

Further Defining Keywords In LSI

Taking the word, “semantic” at face value, it is defined as “relating to meaning in language or logic.” In order to form LSI keywords, content must have a primary keyword that “relates” to keywords used in an LSI search string.
Further Defining Keywords In LSI

Primary Keywords Vs. An LSI Keyword

An example of this is a primary keyword like laptop. Users understand it is a single piece of computer equipment. However, in a search query the browser algorithm needs to understand that it is a single word and shouldn’t be separated. If a brand name is added to the word, “laptop,” search engines use LSI as a way to sort the primary word and an LSI keyword that includes the brand name.
Keep in mind that an LSI keyword is not a synonym. Nor, will this type of keyword be useful to increase keyword density since browser algorithm has been changed to rely on LSI quantification for sorting and applying algorithm logic for keyword ranking.
Why an LSI Keyword is Important for Business Owners
In a business where SEO content is written explicitly to promote sales, it’s important to relate the primary keyword in content to an LSI keyword to make users’ searches for the business’s particular product or service faster and easier.