A Guide to Optimizing a Landing Page

A landing page is more than a simple web page with text, images and perhaps a video. It is a statement and it is one that is often what introduces your business to your potential customers. Since it is the first thing from you that they typically see, it is important to optimize the page properly. When you optimize your landing page, it can make a difference in them getting to your website in the first place. More importantly, it can also make a difference between them taking advantage of what you offer or leaving and never returning again.


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Inbound Marketing or SEO

One of the first things to consider for landing page optimization is search engine optimization (SEO) or inbound marketing. Although there may be many different ways to drive traffic to a website, when the page itself is optimized properly, it can drive traffic naturally on an ongoing basis. The real key to optimizing a page for SEO is to choose your keywords carefully. At that point, it’s a matter of including the keywords in the content and making the content awesome. It really sounds simplistic, but it can make a difference and can drive some additional traffic in your direction.

SEO Optimization

In many cases, the landing page is not necessarily going to be set up for SEO specifically but it is set up more for conversions. You may be paying a significant amount of money to drive people to that landing page and as a result, you want to convert as high of a percentage as possible. It really makes a difference in your ROI and if you can only increase the conversion by a few percentage points, it’s going to make a significant difference at the end of the day.

One of the most important factors to consider for optimizing the landing page is your headline. It is estimated that you only have less than a second to grab the attention of your visitors and if you don’t do it properly, you are going to lose them forever. You can think of a landing page as being a funnel that starts at the wide end (the headline) and sends your visitors down to the narrow end (the call to action). Greasing the funnel, so to speak, causes people to take the next logical step and to follow your landing page the entire way to the ultimate conclusion.

Readable Website Content

One of the factors that many people tend to overlook when it comes to landing page optimization is how people are reading it. They may get caught up in the content of the page but the vast majority of people who see the page are only going to be skimming it. What will stand out in their mind is not the individual words as far as content is concerned but any words that are made to stand out. This would include the headlines, sub-headlines, and any words that are bold, italicized or a different color. If you were to remove all of the other content other than those special words, would it still makes sense and send people down through the page logically? It should! Visit https://keeverseo.com  for more information.

Marketing Spilt Testing

Another factor to consider is split testing. You may optimize your content and you could even be happy with your ROI but imagine if you could convert even more of your existing audience. This is possible through a process known as A/B split testing. In essence, you are testing one page against another and only keeping the clear winner. You then move on to test that page against a third option.

Split testing is a never-ending process and it is one that can really make a difference in the success of an online business. The real key is to only test one element against the same element on two different pages. It could be the headline, the call to action or perhaps even the background color. Only test one difference at a time and then you will see clearly which one to keep.

These are just a few of the factors of optimizing a landing page. When it is optimized properly, it can pull in additional traffic from the search engines but regardless of where the traffic is coming from, it will convert a very high percentage of it into new leads and customers.