Cincinnati is undoubtedly a city that oozes with creative energy from almost every industry. From art galleries to startups, I always see something fresh and innovative coming up, making this city a hub for opportunities of all sorts. Gone are the days when you would relate Cincinnati to only music festivals, weekend road trips, vacations, and movie sets.

It’s unbelievable how this city has coped with digital transformation. From fashion to food, any information you need, there’s an experienced blogger waiting to spoon-feed the details to you. All you need to do is look around online to get the best suggestions so that you can make this city your own within a few months. Here are a few Cincinnati bloggers I would like to recommend.

Scott Keever SEO Cincinnati

If you own a business in the Cincinnati area then Scott Keever SEO’s blog will give you the insight you need to run a successful online business. We have how to guides, case studies, and do it yourself tips and tricks for all of the top industries. If you don’t have time to market your business online yourself, then we are here to help with that as well.

Lemons for Lulu

If you are a passionate chef who wants to try a new recipe every weekend, don’t miss Lemons for Lulu. Even if you don’t love cooking but want to try some of the best restaurants in Cincinnati, Tanya, from Lemons for Lulu has an answer to your questions. Whenever I need to know something related to cooking or new places to dine, I straightaway visit this blog. And until now, it has not disappointed me at all.

Whether you want to bake a frosted sugar cookie bundt cake or make Bruschetta Dip with Soppresatta, there are in-depth recipes waiting for you. And Tanya does everything with extreme grace. Her writing is so precise that you can imagine watching a video where she is enacting the cooking process. That’s what I like about this blogger. She is passionate about sharing her tips with everyone.

House Tweaking

When I had shifted to Cincinnati, I hardly had any blog or magazine from where I could get ideas for home décor. But with House Tweaking, I can safely say that your job won’t be as difficult as mine. In fact, you will get every tip about home decoration that you can think of. From selecting flower vases to the best paint for different rooms, Dana will provide all the information you need.

Plus, she categorizes her home décor ideas according to different locations in Cincinnati, such as West Side, Downtown home, or East Side. I tend to redecorate my house every year just to make it look eye-pleasing. My go-to blog is House Tweaking. Dana not only shares home décor ideas but also photos of her home and how she had decorated everything one by one. Trust me, she’s one of the best bloggers around when it comes to providing precise details about decorating your house.

Skinny Mom

It doesn’t matter whether you are super-skinny or a mom who wants to shed a few pounds after giving birth to her first child. Brooke Griffin, the founder of this blog has health tips for everyone. I like her unique approach towards fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle. She doesn’t force anyone to change. Her way of explaining the fitness programs will make you want to change your lifestyle and lean towards the exercises she recommends.

Brooke is a former cheerleader of BenGal and the University of Kentucky. I started following her after a couple of her weight-loss exercises worked on me. They were simple enough and I saw noticeable changes in my weight after a couple of months. You too should follow her blog if you want to stay in shape.

Chic Sprinkles

This blog is a paradise for all dog-lovers. Sarah makes sure that her 8-year-old shihtzu, Coco Bean, has a huge fan-following. Honestly, I’m one of those fans. I don’t have a dog at home but I still follow her because of the adorable photographs of Coco Bean. It’s almost as if it was my dog. Plus, I get to know so much about various homemade dog treats. I do plan to adopt a dog soon, so her informative pictures are also something I look forward to.

But apart from how to make DIY dog toys and homemade dog treats, Sarah’s photos with Coco Bean alone will make you want to follow her immediately. She is not just a cute mother of an adorable dog but also an incredible photographer. If there was a reward for dog photography, I would probably give it to her.

The Gnarly Gnome

Cincinnati without abundance of breweries is like the sky without any stars. And so, The Gnarly Gnome takes the responsibility to point out all the hidden breweries in the city where you can drink some of the finest local beers. People who visit Cincinnati for vacations or weekend trips often miss out on these breweries. But if you at least have a couple of days in hand, I would suggest you go through this blog and head to the nearest breweries mentioned here.

It comes with detailed information about the address of the breweries, what type of beer to try, the cost for a pint, and the hours of operation. I have already tried quite a few of the breweries mentioned here and would love to visit the rest. The best thing is you will find new breweries every week.

Out + Outfit

Need some inspiration on what to wear for a dinner event, date night, or a casual reunion in Cincinnati? Look no further because Out + Outfit has you covered with every type of fashion advice. Katie is not the typical fashion blogger that you often come across on the internet. She is precise with her advice. She wants you to know why drape collar jackets or modern staples will look good on you.

Katie feels that most people only look for the best outfits for an event but they don’t know the reason why specific dresses will good on them. She wants to point out these details so that you can pick the best dresses for your next outing alone. This blog is not just a site where you pick up new fashion ideas; it is also a hub where you learn to improve your dressing sense.

Baubles to Bubbles

This is another fashion blog that I love. From jewelry to outfits, Olivia Johnson covers everything in Baubles to Bubbles. Over the years, Olivia has managed to rope in some of the hotshot companies in Cincinnati, such as Stafford Jewelers, Liberty Center, and Kroger. She often recommends the jewelry and apparels from these stores, talks about the upcoming collections, and provides exclusive offers to her followers.

Apart from following her blog, you can also go through her Instagram account to get inspirational ideas of what to wear at what event. While searching for dresses online, I usually end up at Olivia’s blog to get some ideas on what I should wear. Although she is one of the youngest fashion bloggers in the city, you need to salute her for her innovative ideas and beauty secrets. Plus, she also shares gift guides and cocktail recipes. Check out her blog to make some unforgettable cocktails for your next house party.

Queen City Discovery

If there is a blogger that can make Cincinnati look like a dreamy city, it is Ronny Salerno. While it is true that the Queen City has an abundance of history hidden behind closed doors, alleys, and forgotten lanes, there was no one to tell those stories until Ronny started Queen City Discovery. It amazes me how little I know about Cincinnati even after living in this city for nearly two decades.

This blog is a visual discovery of the Queen City. Ronny not only shares photos of historical places in Cincinnati but also provides a detailed guide on why you need to visit that place. His stories of the Waffle House, fading advertisements, and abandoned country clubs make me want to visit them right away. Initially, I thought of Ronny as just another cityscape photographer trying to impress followers with stunning shots of high-rises and historical buildings. But after reading the descriptions, I fell in love with the blog. You should also start following Ronny if you want to explore the Queen City differently.

Hey Michelle

Michelle is almost like the virtual tour guide of Cincinnati. Whether you want to know about a cozy coffee shop, a hotel with a beautiful view, the ideal restaurant to propose to your partner, or get drunk at a bar with your friends, just take a glance at Hey Michelle to find your answer. Over the years, Michelle had to recommend many of her friends all the above details. One day she decided that she could use her knowledge to help other residents of the Queen City also. And that gave birth to Hey Michelle.

This blog is a unique combination of showcasing some of the trendy new joints while mixing the traditional historic tourist spots of Cincinnati. The best part is she doesn’t provide any genre-specific information. On the one hand, you will find the operational hours of one of the oldest museums in the city, while on the other hand, you will see pictures of a new pub that had opened around the corner last week. Together with photos and accurate details, Hey Michelle is my go-to blog whenever I need to explore my city within a few seconds.

Pursuit of Delights

I am a big food lover. You tell me to join you at a new restaurant, I will reschedule my office meeting and head to the food joint. Food isn’t just their only passion. Like me, they also like to travel the world and explore new cuisines. They not only suggest some of the local food joints in Cincinnati but also visit other countries to try different types of foods. I was so impressed by their food blogging that I made a trip to Iceland last year and tried the same restaurants as they had recommended.

Going through their blog after a tiring day is like a breath of fresh air. Their photos of various restaurants and tons of new dishes inspire me to work harder so that I would have enough money to visit these places and try those foods one by one. I would highly recommend their blog to any food-lover. It’s my guarantee that once you go through a few of their blogs, you would want to hop on to the next one immediately.

Hats off to all these Cincinnati bloggers who help me in the time of need. I’m sure you will also agree with me once you start following them. They are doing a fantastic job helping so many people with their efforts.