Client Referral Program

Seo Referral Program

Do you know local companies, lawyers, doctors, e-commerce websites, or any other professional service companies that are in need of growing their business? Earn money while helping your clients!  


Get Paid To Promote Our Services


Scott Keever SEO offers a referral fee for any client or affiliate who refers a business that successfully signs up for our services.

Whether you are a consultant who works with business clients, a marketing agency, or just want to make extra income on the side, Scott Keever SEO will pay competitive referral fees to anyone who would like to send us clients.

Referral Payouts

SEO Referrals = $500 for every closed referral.

Web Design Referrals = 10% of the cost of the web design.


What Does Scott Keever SEO Do


We are a full service marketing agency that specializes in SEO, Web Design, Social Media & Reputation Management, and much more. We work with all types of companies, any where from small local businesses to large corporations. Lawyers, Doctors, Real Estate Agencies, Plumbers, and any professional services companies to name a few.


What Happens When You Send Us A Referral


If you refer us a client they will first need to fill out our discovery form to ensure they qualify for our services. We do not accept clients in the adult industry, get rich quick schemes, or any other non ethical business. They also need to be able to spend a minimum of $2000 a month on their marketing campaign. Once they have completed the discovery form we will start with a friendly call to introduce ourselves and find out their overall marketing goals.


Research And Proposal


If your referral meets our minimum qualifications and is interested in moving forward, we will begin by providing them with an initial research report on their site and a plan to obtain there business goals. We will explain our strategy, review the required work needed on their site, and provide them with a pricing proposal. Our pricing is always month to month and we never require a contract.


Pricing And Payments

If your referral sees the value of our services and proceeds to sign up we will submit your payout via PayPal or check (your preference) once we have successfully received the first months retainer payment.


If you are interested in helping your client grow their business or just making some extra income on the side please contact us for more information.

Phone: 813-455-1455