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Do You Know About Deer Park, The Suburb Of Cincinnati, Ohio?

Do you know about Deer Park? If you look it up online, you might likely find many places across America called Deer Park. However, this article is specifically about the city in Ohio’s Hamilton County. It’s a suburb of Cincinnati. According to the 2010 United States Census, 5,736 residents called this place home.

The city started on what was known as the “Highland Route,” as the Cincinnati, Lebanon, and Northern Railway began rolling through in the year 1881. European settlement is historically thought to have started in 1795, when Samual and Rebecca DeMent Pierson built the area’s first log home. That happened after the Treaty of Greenville was signed, which assured Ohio settlers that they would have protection from Native Americans. 1894 Deer Park was not very large, as someone described it as a place with a single store and one Catholic church. The community didn’t see formal incorporation until 1912. It’s less than a square mile in size.

As mentioned already, the 1010 census placed 5,736 residents here. That’s across 2,618 households and 1,398 families. Population density is high, at 6,593 people per square mile. 2,784 distinct housing units meant a housing density of 3,200 for a square mile.

The town is predominantly white, with 91.9 percent of residents being listed with this ethnicity. The second-largest group were African Americans but at less than 1 in 20 people. Trace amounts of Native Americans, Asian, Hispanic/Latino, other, and multiracial individuals were also counted.

Roughly a quarter of the households had one or more children under adult age living with them. Approximately 40 percent were just married couples living together, and just under 10 percent were female householders devoid of a present husband, more than twice the amount of men without a wife. Almost half the households were not family units.

The median household income across the city was just under $40,000, but median families made about $46,000. The median incomes of males were $36,753, as compared to $28,706 for women. Per capita income across the city was lower than both those, as $22,274. Less than 6 percent of the population fell under the poverty line, and families were less than 4 percent. Poverty rates were more than 10 percent among seniors.

Given the proximity of Deer Park to Cincinnati, some of its residents live here but drive into the urban area for work and entertainment, as well as some amenities, sporting events, and transportation connections.