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Have You Ever Been To Mount Healthy?

Have you ever been to Mount Healthy? If anyone ever asks you this, it might sound like a joke. You might also assume it’s the name of a spa and wellness retreat somewhere on top of a hill or in a mountain chain. However, both assumptions would be wrong. This city is actually a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio and a part of the larger Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky metropolitan area, at least in the eyes of statisticians that track such things.

It actually started out as a village named Mount Pleasant in the year 1817. However, there was a cholera epidemic decades later, but many of the citizens of Mount Pleasant wound up surviving even when others in the regional territory didn’t. So, in 1850, the residents of the village decided to call themselves Mount Healthy instead. It would be another century before the village turned into a city. Contact Us 

The one-time territory is of course now the state of Ohio, and Mount Healthy sits in Hamilton County. It’s largely a bedroom community for nearby Cincinnati. It shares the public library system of both Hamilton County and Cincinnati with a local branch. That serves citizens of all ages, although children of families living in this suburb go to one of four schools. In addition to the Mt. Healthy Preparatory and Fitness Academy charter school, the three public schools include a north and south elementary school, and one combined junior and senior high school. All three are part of Mount Healthy’s own city school district.

The last formal count of the city’s citizens happened around 2010 with the national census. 1,454 families were counted across the city, among 2,715 households totaling 6,098 people. The total population density was over four thousand per square mile, with the population living in just over three thousand housing units.

Mount Healthy has healthy diversity among the population. Just under two-thirds make up a white majority, but just under a third are African-American. Native Americans, Asians, Pacific Islanders, and Latino/Hispanics were also represented in the comprehensive demographics. A quarter of the homes had nonadult children living in them, and a third were married couples without children present. An average household has just over two people, but the average family has just under three.

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The median age of a Mount Healthy resident is 40 years of age. There are roughly 10 percent more women than men.