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Tips For Proper Keyword Research

By KeeverSEO Team
3 August 2023 . 2 min read
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There was a time where you could pick out any keyword, put together a simple article, and call it a day.
Is that going to cut it now?
Not a chance!
You need to put in the time with your keyword research, or it will all fall apart on you. Here are four essential tips for proper keyword research.
1) Emphasize Natural Keywords
Sometimes, a keyword may look good, but it doesn’t make sense.

You need to find natural keywords, which will flow well if they were ever written. It’s easy to collect keywords with random words and hope they work. In most cases, the article will read poorly and will not lead to sales/conversions. You need to pay attention to how the keyword reads while you’re doing research. This really helps your landing page optimization. These details do matter during a time where competition has continually increased over time. If you’re not paying attention, it will fall apart for you.

2) Don’t Ignore Long-Tail Keywords

This is one of the most important tips when it comes to proper keyword research.
Some people will sit down and look at set keywords such as “Acne Treatment” or “Acne” and hope they can rank for them. Well, you are going to be in for a surprise because everyone and their dog is trying to rank for these keywords! You are not going to stand a chance unless your website is a significant authority in the niche already.
Everyone else needs to look at the low-hanging fruit instead.
You want to go after keywords with at least 4-5 words in them. So, you want to go for something like “acne treatment for seniors” as that’s easier to rank.
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3) Use “Keywords Everywhere” Plugin

This is an excellent Chrome plugin that offers insight into how many times a phrase is searched by users.
When you go to Google, you can take a look at each keyword and see how many times it is searched per month. This is useful information to have so you don’t have to use any other tool to see if it’s worth your time or not. Getting this plugin will save you a lot of time and cut down some of the mistakes that can be made.

4) Find Relevant Keywords and Use in Batches

This is one of those unique tricks used by SEO marketers around the world.
The premise is to find relevant keywords and use them in batches rather than on their own. This is how you can end up targeting multiple keywords and still ranking for all of them. Of course, when you do this, the quality of your content has to be excellent.
If you toss up a simple 500-word article, it’s not going to cut it!
You need to create something extensive, especially while batching keywords together.
Here’s an example of what a “batch” of keywords would look like:
As you can see, all of the keywords are related to each other and could easily pass off as being on the same topic. Instead of wasting your time and researching these as separate keywords, why not batch them together and create one long piece?
This is what modern SEO strategists are looking to do, and it works like a charm when done correctly.
These are the tips to keep in mind as you are going forward with your keyword research. It’s easy to push forward and ignore all options when that’s the last thing you should be doing. Take your time and continue to put in the effort necessary to rank higher.
Scott Keever
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