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Running your business takes up most of your time. Allow a professional SEO agency to manage your online marketing more affordably than hiring someone in-house at minimum wage.

At Scott Keever SEO we offer Internet Marketing Services, Website Design, and Search Engine Optimization for all types of businesses in the Los Angeles area. Let us help you get the online exposure you need to succeed.

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Our SEO Los Angeles Services

  • Grow Customers

    Let us help you drive more customers to your website. More customers means more revenue to your business.
  • Increase Exposure With Los Angeles SEO

    Give your business the boost it needs to be seen by new clients. You have customers looking for you, let us help them find you
  • Increase Revenue

    Help your companies revenue grow by attracting new customers and ranking over your competition. Let us help!
  • Let’s Be Partners

    Not only are we here to improve your Search Engine Rankings we are also your partner. We will become one of your companies most useful resources. We have years of experience and resources.
  • Marketing Insider

    We have trained with some of the best SEO experts in the industry. We attend weekly webinars and mastermind groups with the countries leading SEOs. These connections help set us apart.
  • Monthly Reporting

    We keep you up to date with your websites progress with monthly reporting. We work closely with you to ensure we help you achieve your businesses goals. Communication is key!

Our Results-driven Approach

Scott Keever SEO Los Angeles provides Google approved methods to increase your rankings and online visibility. Our performance speaks for itself, let us help your clients find you the same way you found us.

Our Los Angeles SEO Packages are Designed Around
Creating Revenue.

As your Los Angeles SEO consultant it’s our passion to create a game plan that will grow your business both visibly and financially. We have ranked 100’s of sites to page 1 of Google. If your site is not currently in the top 3 Google search results you are missing out on potential revenue.

Are you ready to get more relevant visitors to your webpage and boost your sales? If you’re nodding your head “yes”, then contact Scott Keever SEO to schedule a free consultation.

You’ll speak with Scott to learn if online marketing is right for your business, and to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

During your conversation with him, you will also discover the specifics of how your business can benefit from web optimization -and which strategy and action plan is best for your individual business.

To sign up for a free consultation, simply go to the application page and fill in your details. There’s no obligation but there is an incredible opportunity to see what we can do for you.

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Servicing the Seattle Area, Scott Keever SEO has talent and industry experience, we are guaranteed to deliver successful results. Call for a free consultation with a certified Seo analyst. Scott Keever SEO is located at 811 Wilshire Blvd #10a, Los Angeles, CA 90017. Call us at (813) 455-1455 to schedule your free website analysis today.



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A Quick Guide on the Benefits of Local SEO in Los Angeles for your Business

The Scott Keever Difference

We’re NOT the kind of SEO business which continually turns over customers like an assembly line.

Envision working with a business which loses customers hand over fist each month while professing to be leaders in the SEO industry. We don’t claim to possess the most clients or most staff.

Rather, we have loyal clients that remain with us because of our proven results as well as an incredibly experienced staff. You can’t risk leaving your campaign to an entry-level employee. When you retain the services of Los Angeles Seo Expert Scott Keever & Company, you will be working with a committed staff of senior level SEO, Social Media, Online Reputation Management, and Web Design experts committed to getting you results!

What We Do

  • * Bring success to your internet businesses
  • * Consulting to amplify your benefits
  • * SEO, Social Media, Web Design, Reputation Management, and More
Los Angeles SEO

Profitable companies have outstanding services and products backed by unmatched marketing methods.

We take revolutionary ideas, unrivaled services, and remarkable products and make them relevant using complete SEO, Social Media strategies and ppc strategies.

We take our responsibility to deliver quality SEO services seriously. We will explore every option, going beyond simply SEO and PPC to ensure the best ROI on each project.

Why Choose Los Angeles SEO Expert Scott Keever SEO?

As a prominent search engine optimization business, this is a question we get frequently asked. All things considered all, it’s Google, Bing, and Yahoo! who determine which websites rank highly. Why concern yourself with SEO when it’s the search engines who make the final call?

In a nutshell, search engine optimization is a very lucrative, deep-rooted marketing channel. If your business desires to remain competitive, then it needs an SEO gameplan. The search engines may determine which sites rank highly but there is an art and a science behind how this works.

Our search engine optimization services incorporate both to enhance your website rankings. They’re based on tried and tested methods that have stood the test of time.

When your website achieves a high ranking in Google, you’ll benefit from a constant flow of visitors with minimal ongoing effort.

Our strategic approach to SEO creates targeted traffic that converts into quality leads or paying customers. So, you can be assured that our affordable SEO services will generate profitable results.

Still not convinced? Here are 7 reasons to invest in SEO services


1. Majority of transactions start with a Google search.

Over 80% of consumers, as well as 77% of B2B customers, utilize search engines to research their purchases.

2. Your Competitors Are Doing It

If you’re not keeping up with current SEO strategies and strengthening your position, you’re giving up ground to a competitor who is. Simply put, your competition will capture your potential clients and profit big from them.

3. SEO Helps Your Customer Locate Your Site

When prospective buyers search for products or services online, very few look after the first page of results. It’s important to remember that in today’s fast paced world, people simply don’t have the time or patience to sift through endless pages of search results. As a result, it’s vital that your website appears on the initial search page.

4. The rise of mobile bandwidth and local search optimization

In the near future, the volume of visitors delivered to mobile devices is anticipated to exceed that delivered to traditional pc devices. With this significant surge in mobile usage, a completely new world of successful SEO methods has opened up for businesses, such as local search optimization.

5. We’re in a ‘golden era’ of SEO

Modern SEO era has a lot to offer: tons of potential search visibility, approachability and the elimination of black-hat methods that competitors might have previously employed to uproot you. Search engines are continually getting better at assessing things like content quality and user experience. There is no better time to take advantage of all SEO has to offer.

6. Reputation Management

Businesses can potentially earn negative reputations. To cope with a negative reputation, it’s essential to emphasize search engine optimization. Positive attributes about your business should be highlighted more efficiently so that search engines reveal favorable information in advance of any dissenting material.

7. It’s Cost Effective

The permanence of SEO allows for costs to be drawn-out over a longer time period. It could take a bit of time to achieve the top of the search engines, but remaining there will pull in a constant flood of traffic. Buying ad’s can attract visitors, but have to be repaid for often. Pay per click can easily draw traffic and sales, but you must pay for all your traffic. This makes it a deadly game, at least until you rework it to perfection.

Various free methods including article marketing trigger an immediate flow of traffic that dies off quickly. The only solution to making long-term, cost-effective, energy-efficient income is through the process of search engine optimization. All other forms of online marketing fall short of the long-term potential of SEO.

So How Do I Get Started?

SIMPLE. We take care of every single step. Just give us the go ahead and we’ll get to work!|


The first step in our SEO process is also the most crucial. Knowing where your site has been and wha

SEO tactics have been previously used, gives us the details needed to create a new blueprint that will generate successful results. We review your website and link profile extensively, allowing us to learn what steps to take to improve your website’s online visibility. During this phase we also identify any critical roadblocks that may exist.


According to the information gathered from the analysis, we develop a step-by-step plan to enhance your search engine results. While we use tried and true SEO techniques, every client is different and requires special consideration. As a result, each SEO plan is exclusively designed to match the client’s specific requirements. We start by choosing keywords, phrases, and topics to target and then develop a website link building strategy around these choices.


Now that the groundwork is laid we’ll begin executing your SEO campaign. We update all necessary on-site SEO elements, including creating new title tags, meta descriptions, updating or altering site architecture, creating linkable content, interlinking pages and more, based on what was discovered by our audit.


Our link building techniques focus on developing a natural and authoritative link profile. Much of our link building efforts is spent on generating unique and useful content and then finding relevant, authoritative sites to distribute the content on. Your link profile is regularly monitored and revised to assure optimum page views and visibility


We pride ourselves on being entirely transparent. At the conclusion of every month, we develop a customized SEO report which outlines rankings, traffic, progress, link building, completed and pending tasks, etc. This serves a dual purpose. First, it keeps you informed of what is being done each month. Second, it offers us a chance to revisit our strategy and fine-tune it to ensure optimum results

Goals Beyond Ranking

While elevating your search engine rankings is a priority, it’s not our only end goal. We work diligently to provide leads with a big potential to convert. Our leading-edge marketing strategies will give your business the boost it requires to build brand identity, draw visitors, convert leads, and enjoy repeat purchases.

SEO Professionals Working for You

Helping clients succeed is at the core of our services. When you employ the services of Los Angeles SEO Expert Scott Keever SEO you’ll get skilled professionals who want to get your business ahead of the competition. You can expect measurable results that will help bring better leads and revenue to your company.


As a Leading SEO Services Company, We Provide:

Local SEO:

Local SEO is more complex than ever. Our SEO specialists will help you improve your local search engine rankings in organic search as well as Google’s map results. Los Angeles SEO Expert Scott Keever SEO Company will help you soar to the top of the search results!

It’s imperative to have a well-designed, easy to navigate website if you want to land potential clients and convert on your site. Our team of designers will build you a beautiful website, suited perfectly for users as well as search engines.

Pay Per Click:

PPC ads represent the quickest and most effective way to draw targeted leads to your site. But if you execute it incorrectly, thousands of dollars will be spent in vain. Our skilled professionals’ experts are certified by Google, meaning we know precisely how their engine operates and what compels customers to purchase products.


Our objective is to position you as an authority in the industry. This means building and preserving a brand identity that your customers can connect with. From maintaining your social media and creating professional industry content to boosting your search rankings, we do everything in our power to ensure you are regarded as the #1 company in your industry.

Reputation Management:

Nothing is more critical than the good name you’ve endeavored to create. The bulk of customers trust online reviews almost as much as personal recommendations. And most will in fact actually search reviews prior to visiting your online store. Our online reputation management services safeguard your name and make certain negative attacks from competitors don’t stop potential customers from purchasing from you.

Local Map Optimization:

Businesses that appear in the local maps results on Google get the lion’s share of high-value clicks. Over 50% of individuals who look for local businesses visit a store within twenty-four hours. There is no other type of advertising with such power. By getting your name in the mix, our Los Angeles SEO experts can produce more business for you than you thought possible.

Grow Your Business Online

  • * Increase Sales & Revenue With Our Proven SEO Strategies
  • * Affordable SEO Marketing Experts
  • * Complete Reporting and Transparency
  • * Cost-Effective Website SEO Optimization
  • * Real SEO Results for Real SEO Clients
  • * Local SEO Services and Enterprise Level SEO Services
  • * Free Consultation

Los Angeles SEO experts Scott Keever & Company specializes in creating custom campaigns that produce results. During your initial consultation, we will take a close look at your website, online presence and competitive landscape to determine the most effective solutions for your company. You’re under no obligation and there’s no cost to you. Contact us today at (813)-455-1455

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