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We help local brands appear in search results for target search phrases

If your company targets a specific location, your Search Engine Optimization efforts need to be targeted to that specific geography. We’ll help you increase your rankings on Google Maps and Google Search.
Here’s what we accomplished for Reliant Pools:

We help national brands appear in search results for target search phrases

Target customers nation-wide and grow your exposure across the country.
Here’s what we accomplished for TQL (Total Quality Logistics):

We help build brand authority so you can dominate the first page of Google.

Create a consistent brand message across all media platforms to show Google your authenticity and build your authority.
Here’s what we accomplished for Luminas Energy:

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Akron Chiropratic
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Akron Pool Builder
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Akron Law Firm
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Unlike competitors, we provide monthly reports, ensuring you stay informed about your SEO progress. Our transparent approach empowers you with insights into our strategies, and our focus on results fosters collaboration for optimal results.

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Keever SEO – Separating Ourselves from the Competition

At Keever SEO agency, we refuse to rest on our laurels. We are continually improving our processes, evaluating incoming data, anticipating and capitalizing on changes in search engines. The key is to develop unique campaigns based on your marketing resources, objectives, and challenges This strategic approach distinguishes our SEO firm from the competition. While our competition is content using outdated marketing strategies, we help our clients achieve success with cutting-edge SEO techniques and methodologies.
Still not convinced that Akron SEO can help your business experience extraordinary success? Here are 6 reasons why SEO is the best marketing investment you’ll ever make.

6 Reasons to Begin Investing in SEO Today.

1. SEO is affordable
Any business or organization can hire an SEO professional to help their business expand by eliminating advertising strategies that aren’t accomplishing their desired objectives or moving around expenses that are no longer required. Utilizing correct optimization, a business can reap lasting rewards and benefits. Nevertheless, it’s critical not to choose “cheap” SEO solutions as this will produce inferior results, and your ROI will be negligible at best. Rather, enlist the services of trusted professionals with a successful track record. An investment in an effective digital marketing plan is essential to business success and lasting growth..
2. SEO can accomplish long-lasting, organic growth
Businesses should always invest in long-lasting goals, instead of short ones, specifically in terms of SEO. While the instant result from a pay per click based campaign may be enticing, it’s wiser to invest in a more methodical, yet more efficient long-term marketing solution like SEO as it has the capability to provide a much higher ROI in the long run. It’s also worth mentioning that Google pays careful attention to how quick links are built up to a website. This means business owners need to focus on developing their business towards the top with an organic and stable rate of speed.
3. SEO helps people locate your business
This is critical. It goes without saying that we want as many people to find our business as possible, and in the digital age, information is just a couple of clicks away for anyone. SEO marketing campaigns afford business owners the ability to develop a unique impression in an effort to relate to a potential customer.
A website that is fully-optimized has the opportunity to connect with new audiences across the globe. Utilizing proper keyword research, superior content, and the strategic use of social media channels, your business has a chance to be noticed by consumers all over the internet for a long time.
4. SEO Helps Aids in a Better User Experience
All companies who invest in SEO are in search of better rankings and greater visibility. However, not many understand that a good user experience plays a major role in turning that visibility into an action.
Google has already generated its algorithms to define a favorable or unfavorable user experience, and it recognizes a good user experience as an essential factor to a website’s success. So, if your website is designed to rank high in the search results, you have to contemplate UX as a component and which subsequently aids in helping your visitors keep engaged on your site’s pages.
For instance, Google recently evolved to become more of an “answer “engine presenting the desired information right on the SERPs (search engine results pages) for users. This is intended to provide users with the data they are looking for quickly and easily.
5. SEO is Cost-Effective
This is potentially one of the most alluring benefits of investing in search engine optimization. Everyone wants to see a boost in their revenue and when used properly, entrepreneurs can reap this financial benefit. When you invest in an effective SEO campaign, you can turn even the smallest of businesses into strong competition, even for more prominent businesses. It’s important to understand that SEO takes time. In order to attain lasting results with the opportunity to continually boost revenue, it’s essential you incorporate SEO in your long-term marketing.
6. SEO is Quantifiable
You can measure almost anything with correct tracking and analytics incorporated into your website. Businesses want to recognize where they were yesterday and where they are today in regards to ranking and total site performance, particularly when they have an agency that is being paid to carry it out. The metric can be selected – SERP rankings, the number of leads or conversions, website traffic, and then continually monitored to track the objectives. If you implement an analytics tool like Google Analytics, you can view the results on both a larger and more smaller scale.