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How we Drive Business For Our Clients

We help local brands appear in search results for target search phrases

If your company targets a specific location, your Search Engine Optimization efforts need to be targeted to that specific geography. We’ll help you increase your rankings on Google Maps and Google Search.
Here’s what we accomplished for Reliant Pools:

We help national brands appear in search results for target search phrases

Target customers nation-wide and grow your exposure across the country.
Here’s what we accomplished for TQL (Total Quality Logistics):

We help build brand authority so you can dominate the first page of Google.

Create a consistent brand message across all media platforms to show Google your authenticity and build your authority.
Here’s what we accomplished for Luminas Energy:

Our Process

Our tried and true method to get you ranked #1.

Businesses We’ve Helped in Nashville

Nashville Music Studio
Our Results:
Nashville Pool Builder
Our Results:
Nashville Plumber
Our Results:

Driving Business Growth with SEO Over a Decade

Boosting Nashville Businesses with Tailored Digital Marketing
We prioritize results, offering personalized service that drives real growth in sales and online visibility. Partner with us for top-notch web design, SEO, and PPC that make a difference.
Transparent, Detailed Reporting
Unlike competitors, we provide monthly reports, ensuring you stay informed about your SEO progress. Our transparent approach empowers you with insights into our strategies, and our focus on results fosters collaboration for optimal results.

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A quick guide on the benefits of Local SEO in Nashville

What if Your Nashville Business Website Could Double Its Search Engine Results Visibility?

Call on Keever SEO for strategic custom search engine optimization that can increase the visibility of your Music City, U.S.A. business by a full 200%.
Get to page one or go home. Not just page one, either. Your website must show up as one of the top listings on relevant Google results pages, or Nashville metro searchers won’t even know you exist. They’ll never see your site. The business relationship is over before it even started.
That’s why we’re here.

How We Will Get Your Nashville Business Ranked High

We put you on the map. Literally. Appearing on the Nashville map pack for your industry or category is one of the top ways to increase calls, leads and traffic.
When Nashville customers need to conduct business locally, why shouldn’t it be your business getting first look?
But Internet searchers don’t have much time. They’ll conduct a Google search for what they’re looking for and only look at the first few results on the first page. That’s been proven by study after study.
The Keever SEO strategy is to put you in front of eyeballs by securing your placement high on that first page — and with a handy location map. The link and map package assures relevant searchers that you’re the real deal, their no-brainer first-stop or first-call source.

A Better PPC Strategy

Some pay per click marketers can spend your entire digital marketing budget on the most competitive search terms. So it’s you and…everyone. Good luck with that.
What we do for clients who can spend $1,000 a month or more is intelligent and comprehensive research from which we can extract the least competitive terms with the highest ROI. In other words, we find the sweet spot between the search terms your customers are using and the terms all of your competitors have missed. Let them fight it out, Hunger Games-style, for the common terms while you stand alone.
Then we create landing pages with call tracking to attract the most serious prospects, thereby getting you less waste and maximum return on marketing budget. That makes so much sense to us that we’re surprised everyone’s not doing it — but they’re not.

We Know Our Strategy Works Because It’s What We Do For Ourselves!

What we do for a living — and have done for more than 20 years — is get local companies ranked high in the first Google results pages that matter to them. So far, we’ve done that for more than 100 commercial websites in dozens of industries.
We know the importance of a high ranking because it’s important to us. That’s why our listing and map ranks at or near the top of the local Google results pages our clients use to find us. Our business depends on it.
So does yours. We’ll show you how to outrank your competitors like we outrank our own — with smart and sustainable local SEO strategy.

Tried and True Systems Matter

There are no shortcuts. It takes the system we’ve developed, based on intelligent keyword search, targeted local positioning, quality locally focused content and sustainable outreach. Simple in concept, isn’t it? The secret is in the execution. Here’s how we do it.
Website speed optimization
— Remember, no one has patience anymore. If your website takes three seconds to load, that’s too long. Half of searchers will go elsewhere. Google knows this, which is why they push fast-loading sites to the top of search results pages. And it’s why we optimize your site for lightning speed.
Sustainable outreach
— It means we’re gimmick-free, unlike some of our competitors. We only use sustainable, Google-approved techniques to earn rankings and to stay in the search engine giant’s good graces.
Perception of industry leadership
— That’s critical. Your customers need questions answered, relevant products or services offered and explained. We’ll provide you with rich content and the ability to convert shoppers through the professionalism of your site and the information you provide. Google rewards thought leaders and innovators with impressive ranking.
Buzz generated
— Word gets around. All it takes is strategically placed ads, informative web content and interest-provoking videos. Rich content gives your customers a reason to drop in and stay awhile and spread the good word on social media. That free and positive word of mouth from friends, family, neighbors and co-workers means the world to you.